Hi all,

Welcome to myBIGFOOT website. My name is Bob Chandler and this site is about an F250 that me and my wife Marilyn bought back in 1974. This is the behind the scenes stuff of a journey that started before BIGFOOT was born.

Marilyn and I had always enjoyed the great outdoors and camping. In 1974 we ordered a brand new F250 pickup for, amongst other things, off-road fun. We soon learned that there wasn't much around St Louis for service and parts available to 4x4 owners. So we started Midwest Four Wheel Drive. Business quickly took off and within a couple of years, Midwest had out-grown its facility in Ferguson, MO and we re-located to nearby Hazelwood. My F-250 became the de facto company vehicle, running errands and delivering parts for the fledgling shop. The truck and Midwest Four Wheel Drive began to garner a local following and a strong customer base, helped in part by the fact that my family spent many weekends at local off-road events and running the gravel-bottom rivers of southern Missouri. We saw our truck as the best method to prove the quality of our shop and the products we sold; accordingly, I drove the truck hard. We continued to take the vehicle off-road, which inevitably led to parts breakage, which in turn spurred me to improve and modify the truck in an effort to soak up the abuse. It was around this time that an emplyee of ours would say that I need to keep my "big foot" off the throttle, as I was breaking parts too much.  Having put the name "BIGFOOT" on the door as my nickname, it eventually became the name of the truck, and so BIGFOOT was born.